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A forgotten world.. Just south of nowhere [28 Jan 2004|05:38pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

The sun was bright outside, Nym ducked into a small cafe to escape the light that was hurting her eyes.
As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she gazed around the cluttered place.
It looked as if no one had been there in months, there were peolpe there, but they all looked strangely dead. They were breathing, and there was some chatter among them, but their skin looked sunken and pale, like they hadnt moved in so long.
Their faces seemed to shine in the dim candle light, it was cold.
One of the girls turned her bright eyes to glare at Nym, who backed away, reaching for the doorknob.

Better the burning sun than the death of this forgotten place

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[13 Sep 2003|11:44pm]

The door heaves open and sleet now rushes down onto the step. Two bare feet are all that is visible under the heavy purple hooded cloak. The girl pushes the hood back from her pale face and moves into the room. She takes a spot by the fire and settles her imense cloak around her as she quietly orders a drink.

The lemon-infused liquid is sweet and warm on her tongue, a welcome change from the filthy river water she had been drinking just hours ago. She soons abandons her wariness in favour of the hot tea and warm fire.
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[28 Jun 2003|10:39pm]

A light rain began to fall and the door opened slowly to let in a girl of about sixteen wearing an earth coloured cloak and shivering slightly. Glancing around for an empty table she spotted one and, carefully avoiding the shreds of broken glass on the floor, took a seat in the corner nearest the door.
looking around some more, Pend saw a girl sitting near her, writing furiously in a little book.
A slight recoginition dawned on her mind though she was sure she had never seen this girl before.
~You're just tired~ she told herself. ~You've been traveling too long~
She got herself some coffee and, though she tried to concentrate on where she needed to go next, her thoughts kept wandering to the girl next to her.
She took one last sip of coffee before standing up and sitting down in the chair across from the girl, wondering if this was a wise move. The girl looked up from her writing and the strange recognition was stronger than ever. ~Maybe she knows where I've seen her before~ she thought wildly, ~maybe she has some answers~
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first post! [21 Apr 2003|02:14am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

More nervous then normal, Daewen eased the door open with her taned hands. Praying to the gods that the door wouldn't sqeak, or had one of those jingly bells on it, she did her best to sneak in unnoticed.
Pulling the worn cloak even more tightly around her, she found herself an empty table and surveyed her surroundings.
After decinding no one was watching her, she pulled her thin, leather book from her pack and began to write.

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[05 Oct 2002|07:21pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Bubbles have a hard time in life. Delirium had always felt sorry for bubbles, so pretty and so short lived. She lay quietly beneath the table in the booth, making a small colony of many coloured bubbles that slowly spun around in a circle above her.

As someone sat down, his feet almost poking into her but not quite, the bubbles went in search of adventure, floating up around him and higher, off to the ceiling, off to see what was new and beautiful in this world they had just been born into.


Delirium sat up sharply, her head knocking the table as she scrambled out, looking up to see the first bubble hit the ceiling and pop. They needed to be more solid, something that wouldnt burst on a light brush with the wall.

She made them glass, because glass didn't pop so easily. But glass doesn't usually float, either, and she watched in dismay as her bubbles made a beeline for the floor, breaking into crystal fragments.

She sighed, shrugged, and sat down.

"Destiny can be much too stubborn if you ask me..."

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coffee [04 Oct 2002|11:42pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

OOC: She's an original character theres a bit in her bio if you want to know more get in touch with me... *shrugs*

coffee is a good thing, i can't ever have enough coffee, it's been too long since I've had a good cup of coffee... too bady the coffee in this place probably won't be any good. Jay brushed her hair back behind one earinged ear, glancing around at the rest of the people in the place. Shrugging it off, she got her coffee before finding a place to sit near the window with her back against the wall. She didn't know where she was heading next, and it didn't really matter either. She went wherever she wanted to go whenever she wanted to go that was the way it had worked for a while now.

Jay wasn't really sure what she was looking for but there was something she was looking for, she needed to find whatever it was. But the problem was she didn't know really what she was looking for it was just a feeling inside that needed to find something...something that wasn't there right now, something that was missing.

Taking a sip of her coffee cup she stared absently at the various different things that had been scratched into the top of the table or writen with various writing utensils. Resting her head against the palm of her hand she set the coffee cup down. About as bad as I expected it to be. She thought with a soft sigh.

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From a tree lined backdrop... [04 Oct 2002|09:59pm]

Two men enter, looking around quite curiously at their new surroundings. They are close in height and stature, but as they remove their cloaks, their differences are revealed.

The younger of the two has long, honey blond hair that reaches a few inches past his shoulders, framing his handsome, tanned face with bright, clear blue eyes. There seems to be an innocence about him as he investigates the place he has found himself in.

The other, who appears only a few years older, has long, raven black hair that is slightly longer than his companions and his skin is pale and flawless. Grey eyes watch with suspicion, sizing up where he has found himself, and the quickest route out.

They make a striking pair, there is no doubt about that. Both very beautiful, with sharp features that are enough alike that one may wonder if they are related, though they are most definately not. The blond carries a bow and quiver and a sword strapped on his hip. The other has no bow, but carries a sword as well.

"That is the LAST time Thero gives us directions to anywhere," the dark haired man states with mild annoyance. The blond laughs, shaking his head.

"Do no blame Thero, Seregil. You insisted on being the one to activate the spell, and we all know your luck with magic...."

The blond is tossed a dark look for his comment, which only makes him laugh harder as they move farther into the room.
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OOC: Hi all! [04 Oct 2002|12:26am]

Welcome to everyone! When you choose a character, please let the group know *who* you are playing (mainly so that the maintainer can update the user info to help out those following along).

Any questions can be directed OOC'ly to the community or tagged onto this post. Enjoy!
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A figure cloaked in black.... [04 Oct 2002|12:22am]

The tall figure with wild black hair enters and sees the young woman with her head down on the counter. He smiles rather enigmatically and takes a seat in his own boothe, not bothering her. He wondered where his sister was, she usually wandered in here at some point or another...though there was nothing routine about her behavior.

Dream smiles fondly at the thought of Delirium, shaking his head. He taps long, slender fingers against the hard counter top.
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We're on the road to Nowhere... [03 Oct 2002|11:02pm]

How do I always end up back at this place? Perhaps it's not the same place...but sometimes the faces look supiciously the same...but it's always different, and I've found it in several states now....

Tierney drags in and looks around rather blearily--this was new. The place was never empty, but it was empty now. Shrugging, she moves off to pour a cup of coffee from the pot sitting on the burner. No one about maybe, but she needs the coffee before she can comtemplate getting back on the road. Sliding into a boothe, she lays her head on the table.
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