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OOC: She's an original character theres a bit in her bio if you want to know more get in touch with me... *shrugs*

coffee is a good thing, i can't ever have enough coffee, it's been too long since I've had a good cup of coffee... too bady the coffee in this place probably won't be any good. Jay brushed her hair back behind one earinged ear, glancing around at the rest of the people in the place. Shrugging it off, she got her coffee before finding a place to sit near the window with her back against the wall. She didn't know where she was heading next, and it didn't really matter either. She went wherever she wanted to go whenever she wanted to go that was the way it had worked for a while now.

Jay wasn't really sure what she was looking for but there was something she was looking for, she needed to find whatever it was. But the problem was she didn't know really what she was looking for it was just a feeling inside that needed to find something...something that wasn't there right now, something that was missing.

Taking a sip of her coffee cup she stared absently at the various different things that had been scratched into the top of the table or writen with various writing utensils. Resting her head against the palm of her hand she set the coffee cup down. About as bad as I expected it to be. She thought with a soft sigh.
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