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South of Nowhere
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What if a place existed where every point in the universe converged and overlapped for a brief period of time? Where a multitude of realities and people came together...

A place where fiction and history blur to an indistinguishable mass...

This place does exist, at least for a time, at least in our minds...come in, stay a while, you might find interesting conversation with a most unlikely of sources....


This is an RPG (Role playing game) yet it's not ;) The setting is that of a cafe atmosphere, where random people will wander in. You can be yourself, an original character, any character from any fandom (movie, book or otherwise), or a real life person. It's up to you, the only requirement is you check to make sure no one else is playing said character.

Everyone is welcome.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask the community but make sure it's marked OOC. Or tack a comment onto the very first journal entry, which is made by the maintainer, and you will get a reply as quickly as possible.

This is an experiment, it will be as good as those that participate, let's see what happens.


Known denizens:

Tierney -
tierneydawn - (original character)

Orlando Bloom -
orligasm - (actor/Lord of the Rings)

Craig Parker -
soap_elf - (actor/Lord of the Rings)

Celeborn -
lordandguardian - (fictional character, elf, Lord of the Rings)

Haldir -
lordandguardian - (fictional character, elf, Lord of the Rings)

Delirium -
mismatched_eyes - (fictional character, one of the Endless, Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics)

Dream -
theendlessdream - (fictional character, one of the Endless, Neil Giaman's Sandman comics)

Seregil and Alec -
rhimineethieves - (fictional characters, Aurënfaie and half Aurënfaie, the Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling)

Zach and Trevor -
birdlandbound - (fictional characters, human, Drawing Blood by Poppy Z. Brite)

Amaya Nomanson -
lnitefall - (original character based off a concept by Mickey Zucker Reichart)

Jay -
crazysidhe - (original character)


Any NEW players not listed on the list need to let the community know who you are playing (an OOC post or reply to this post telling the maintainer the LJ you're using and who you are playing...