Seregil and Alec (rhimineethieves) wrote in southofnowhere,
Seregil and Alec

From a tree lined backdrop...

Two men enter, looking around quite curiously at their new surroundings. They are close in height and stature, but as they remove their cloaks, their differences are revealed.

The younger of the two has long, honey blond hair that reaches a few inches past his shoulders, framing his handsome, tanned face with bright, clear blue eyes. There seems to be an innocence about him as he investigates the place he has found himself in.

The other, who appears only a few years older, has long, raven black hair that is slightly longer than his companions and his skin is pale and flawless. Grey eyes watch with suspicion, sizing up where he has found himself, and the quickest route out.

They make a striking pair, there is no doubt about that. Both very beautiful, with sharp features that are enough alike that one may wonder if they are related, though they are most definately not. The blond carries a bow and quiver and a sword strapped on his hip. The other has no bow, but carries a sword as well.

"That is the LAST time Thero gives us directions to anywhere," the dark haired man states with mild annoyance. The blond laughs, shaking his head.

"Do no blame Thero, Seregil. You insisted on being the one to activate the spell, and we all know your luck with magic...."

The blond is tossed a dark look for his comment, which only makes him laugh harder as they move farther into the room.
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